Digital Ecosystem for Maritime and Supply Chain Management

Getting to Know maruFreight

Global logistics is a growing market, and there is also plenty of room for optimization. Until now, it has taken a lot of time and effort to make arrangements between charterers and transporters in the maritime transportation industry. In response, we want to meet the needs of both charterers and transporters with simple and efficient matching procedures.

maruFreight  provides a new digital solution to manage freight exchange:

  • Connecting charterers, transporters, and brokers on a single platform.

  • Providing visibility across the supply chain to increase efficiency.

  • Delivering critical, accurate data in real-time to improve decision-making.

How Does maruFreight Work?

On the maruFreight platform, charterers can list cargoes, and transporters can browse what’s available - either by way of direct invitation, or on the open market - using advanced search and filtering functionality. From there, transporters can bid on the cargoes that are optimal to their business. This will open the commodity market to a wider audience, benefiting everyone involved in the seaborne trade.

Using maruFreight, transporters and cargo owners have access to innovative Voyage Planning tools fueled by real-time information and the Weathernews services. Built-in document management puts critical information at the fingertips of charterers and transporters, providing a logical data driven decision-making process, increasing the level of efficiency by using accurate and up-to-date information.

What is the Technology Behind maruFreight?

By using a fully open IT architecture, maruFreight creates an online exchange that simplifies the chartering process. It provides increased transparency for the maritime industry, increases exposure to a wider audience and drives market-based pricing for cargo and ship owners.

The system leverages the latest technology and real-time information to streamline the complex chartering process, thereby increasing efficiency and revenue. 


How maruFreight Can Help

maruFreight provides a digital marketplace for maritime and supply chain management, facilitating communication between stakeholders in every phase of freight exchange.

Container Ship Loading Dock Tracking

The cloud-based architecture of maruFreight provides real-time, accurate information on available vessels and cargo types. Secure and trustworthy transactions on maruFreight allows you to post public cargoes and select the transporter you want.

Global Shipping Data
Broker (Coming Soon)

Work with the best data available, including available vessels, cargo locations, and volumes. Stay on top of your work with cargo tracking and delay risk. Leverage technology to improve efficiency with procedures to support negotiation on a shared communications platform.

Large Transporter Cargo Freight Ship

The complete visibility of available cargoes, helps you better manage your fleet operations. At a glance, review cargo locations and volumes. Select vessels to trade with and make decisions based on unbiased market data. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you handle Operations?

We decided to implement a hybrid model capitalizing on the strengths of technology and the expertise of a dedicated team to support the entire process.

How will Brokers engage with the platform?

(Coming Soon) 

Brokers will be able to access the platform to enhance their current visibility on market opportunities, as well as utilize the platform toolbox including WNI resources.

As a user, can I define my preferred counterparties?

The platform will provide Users with the flexibility to decide which counterparties they want to engage with.

The team doesn't come from a Brokerage background; how will you make sure the platform will succeed?

While it is important to understand the chartering process, we believe a different background will help create something easier and simpler to manage. A broker would be inclined to create a digital copy of a customary brokerage firm.

Will you extend the platform scope to additional commodities?

During this initial developmental stage, the maruFreight marketplace will focus on dry bulk. Moving forward we will open the platform to wet cargo.

As a Charterer, will my competitors be able to see my cargoes?

No. In fact if you keep your listing private, you can choose which Transporters receive your request for indication; alternatively, you can post the listing into the public marketplace.

As a Transporter, can I control the commercial availability of my ships, and whether or not they are visible to the market?

Yes, you will be able to declare which vessels are commercially available (where and when), and you will have full ability to control your vessel's status.

Where do you get the vessel positions and details?

We utilize AIS and vessel particulars as a foundation, which is enhanced by their updated commercial availability. In addition, WNI will provide accurate ETA calculations based on weather and trade routes.

How much will the service cost?

There will be no cost to use the platform until a matching between a cargo and a vessel is achieved, and in such case, Transporters will be invoiced 1%.